audiospecials PHONOLAB 1.0 with RECOMPIZER
audiospecials PHONOLAB 1.0 with RECOMPIZER

Based on the circuit design approach of the PHONOLAB PRO, our top-of-the-line PHONOLAB 1.0 comes with an added RECOMPIZER®. This globally unique feature optimizes records with tonal deficiencies.

From high-end pots providing perfect channel balance to silber mica capacitors for an exceptionally fine resolution – it is the sum total of such details that makes the PHONOLAB stand out from the crowd.

PHONOLAB 1.0 Facts

Two in One – Two phono amplifiers in one housing

Genuine A/B comparisons – system, tone arm or turntable

RECOMPIZER® – optimizes records with tonal deficiences

Custom input configuration – MC/MC, MC/MM or MM/MM

Perfect adaptability – 18 impedance, 10 gain levels

Balanced inputs – Lemo standard, optional

RCA and balanced outputs – XLR with transformer

DTA-direct to amp  – Volume control, optional

Silber micas – mica capacitors in the high-frequency range

PRO AUDIO – 24/7 continuous operation


Clearly structured rear panel with INPUT 1 and INPUT 2, GAIN and impedance settings. Outputs are RCA and XLR as standard.

The XLR output is transformer-isolated and can be configured for a signal voltage of 775 mV or 1.55 V (ARD studio standard), respectively.

PHONOLAB Technik Innenansicht
PHONOLAB Technik Innenansicht

The interior layout relies on modular assembly groups, ensuring ultra-short conductor paths and exceptionally low noise.

Phono modules are designed as plug-in cards for a free choice of MC or MM input types. Cards may also be changed later.

audiospecials RECOMPIZER

Patented as a phono amplifier component, the RECOMPIZER® is no conventional tone control device.

In its default setting it provides an absolutely unbiased playback with a smooth linear frequency response (both rotary knobs in their "0" detent position).

On vinyl with tonal deficiencies, e.g., due to dynamic com­pression ("war of loudness" issue) or extended playing times, the RECOMPIZER® can often deliver a substantially enhanced reproduction. With its stepless adjustment capability, the system can restore the tonal balance of a "poor pressing".

audiospecials RECOMPIZER
PSU 1.2
PSU 1.2
PSU 1.2

A stable power supply for superior acoustic performance

Our PSU 1.2 power source has a capacitance of over 60,000 µF and is built around a potted toroidal transformer with double MU-metal screening. The units can be stacked or placed side by side, depending on space availability.

As the PSU 1.2 comes with two output sockets, it can supply power to two Phonolab 1.0 sets serving a maximum of 4 tone arms. Large turntables with up to 4 tone arms are no rarity among high-end phono enthusiasts.